2 years…

Two years ago today, I took the leap and launched www.RebeccaBTripp.com 🎉

Year 1 was all about creating my business and putting systems in place. I focused on keeping my expenses low and saying yes to any and all opportunities. 

In year 2, I honed in on strategically growing my business; this meant hiring people to help me and saying no to projects that didn’t align with my goals. So what did this look like, you might ask? 

In the last 12 months, I…

✔️ Was interviewed by Fleming College and appeared on three podcasts to discuss my career and legal services, and got my name out there;

✔️ Became a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, adding Legal Representation to my list of services and successfully submitted numerous immigration applications;

✔️ Launched The Applicant Podcast, where every week I release a solo episode or an interview about education, immigration and/or the law;

✔️ Hosted a second paralegal placement student;

✔️ Started teaching immigration law at Ashton College; and 

✔️ Continued growing the legal outsourcing services side of my business and further developed my interests in higher education and business immigration. 

Looking back… it seems like a lot… but I love what I do, so honestly, it doesn’t even feel like work. Though being an entrepreneur means a lot of my work hours aren’t billable, that’s okay because I am working on something that is becoming bigger than me! (And something that I own, not my employer ☺️)

On a side note: By the end of September, my 2022 revenues so far will pass my total annual revenues of 2021! How amazing is that! 

Thank you to everyone who has supported me, inspired me, pushed me, and believed in me. ☺️

Onward and upward! 🚀