Legal Outsourcing Services

When providing legal outsourcing services, I can wear many different hats for my clients: legal researcher, project manager, drafter, legal content creator et cetera et cetera. Whether you’ve found yourself on this webpage with the interest of working with me or to provide these services yourself as a freelancer, the options are truly endless. Below is a detailed list of possible services, but keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list.  

Free Introduction and Initial Consultation

I offer a free introduction and initial consultation meeting for each and every legal outsourcing client. There I can discuss your needs in more detail and strategize on how best to utilize my services to meet your needs.

Client Intake

Client intake can be a long and sometimes arduous process. It’s important that you get it right. That’s why I offer specialized Client Intake services for legal professionals and other businesses. 

By hiring legal outsourcing services to meet your client intake demands, you can be sure that each and every client will be given the time and attention they deserve. 

I will work closely with you to customize this service to suit your needs. Whether your firm deals with civil litigation, criminal defense, or tribunal preparation, I can be sure to ask the right, tailor-made questions to get the information you need to help your clients move forward in their matters. 

Legal Research

Legal research is a unique and important aspect of the legal environment. High-quality legal research can mean the difference between success and failure in some cases and so it’s important that you entrust the right people to assist you.

I offer high-quality legal research services to busy legal professionals who might not have the time to conduct this laborious process themselves. As a licensed paralegal, I have the right tools to get the job done. With extensive education and training on legal research techniques, I will be sure to provide expert-level results time and time again. Legal research can be tailored to any and all areas of law.

Research can be conducted at varying degrees of intensity and in various jurisdictions across Ontario’s legal environment. I also offer the results of the research in whichever format the client prefers, making sure that you get what you need out of the process. 

Immigration File Support

In immigration, every file and client is unique. An immigration case has the chance to change a person’s life for the better. That’s why it’s important to ensure that you have a dedicated mind focused on managing the important documents and information associated with these cases. As a regulated immigration consultant, I can easily assist you with managing the hefty workload associated with immigration files, so you can make more time to dedicate to your clients and yourself.

Some examples of how I might assist you with your file include, but are not limited to:

  • Client follow-ups;
  • Drafting documents or forms;
  • Performing a Gap-Review;
  • Compiling the final immigration application package; or
  • Final version reviews.

Website Content

Website design and content generation are increasingly important aspects of any successful legal business. In today’s ever-changing world, a well-made website can make or break firms big and small. 

I can help you to develop and implement your unique ideas and make a quality website by providing a host of services. These include, but are not limited to creating blog and newsletter content, legal writing, proofreading, and editing.

My unique mix of tailor-made services and skills will prove essential for creating your next highly-trafficked, user-friendly website. I will work closely with you to make sure that your vision and design can be fully executed to bring forth a sleek and easy-to-access network for all of your business dealings.  

Memorandum and Template Drafting

As a licensed paralegal, I have the expertise necessary to provide you with a comprehensive legal memorandum. Whether it’s an internal memo to assist your team or an external memo to a client with a few specific questions, let me help you with quick turnaround times.

Templates are a reliable and efficient method of developing your firm or business’s legal documents. Templates can be made for any number of documents, legal or otherwise. Some examples include; contracts, business letters, letterheads, and more!

Creating new templates from scratch can be a drain on valuable time and energy for a new business or a business that is looking to reinvent itself. By allowing a legal outsourcing services provider to assist you with your workload you will be ensuring that an efficient, legal-minded professional is helping you to develop, implement, and maintain a strong foundation for your business.

Legal Project Management

As the meetings start to pile up and the to-do list continues to grow, have you considered hiring a paralegal to help you with your legal project management?

Hiring a legal outsourcing services provider for project management might be the solution your firm has been looking for. Whether it’s: 

  • Service expansion; 
  • New software implementation;
  • Updating your file processes;
  • Hiring and training; or 
  • Managing corporate governance such as communicating with shareholders or preparing for the next Board of Directors meeting

I can be sure to provide you with the proper direction and oversight to carry a project forward from start to finish. As a licensed legal professional, I understand first-hand the unique and often rigorous demands of the legal environment. As such, if you hire me to manage your legal projects, you can rest assured that a competent and educated individual is at the helm of your next project at all times.

Client Communications

Our world continues to become increasingly digital with each passing day. As such, the demands of client communication have grown significantly over the past few years. If emails and phone calls are taking up most of your busy day; consider hiring legal outsourcing services to ease the demands on your valuable time.

Legal Recruitment and Training

Proper investment of time and finances into thorough recruitment and training for your team or in-house legal department is one of the fastest methods to increase the success of your business.

In fact, the Association for Talent Development did a comprehensive study on the effects of training and development within an organization and found that income per employee increased by 218% when organizations invested in their employees. The organizations themselves enjoyed a 24% increase in profit margins with an average annual investment of $1,037.93 for training per employee.

These statistics all point to one thing: investment in proper recruitment and training leads to an increase in profits for your business. A legal outsourcing services provider can help you with all of your recruitment and training needs for your legal team. With first-hand knowledge of the special skills and education necessary to operate in the legal environment, a licensed legal professional can make the hiring and training process as stress-free as possible.

Here are a few ways legal outsourcing services can make a difference in your legal recruitment and training process:

  • Resume review;
  • Interview scheduling;
  • Conducting interviews (in-person or online);
  • Reference checks;
  • Offers of employment;
  • Employment agreement negotiations onboarding;
  • Annual training; or
  • Regular performance reviews.

Proofreading and Editing

Regardless of the industry, you do business in, proofreading and editing are integral components to producing quality work that you can be proud of. Flawless content becomes even more important when operating in the legal environment, as the need for accurate and concise writing increases. Whether you require ongoing support or assistance for a single project, I can provide you with professional-level quality control for your writing to suit your individual needs.

By hiring a legal outsourcing services provider to conduct final proofreading and editing to your content, you are ensuring that each and every piece of work that you produce is ready to use, as quickly as possible. Let’s be honest, proofreading and editing can be a time-consuming task, but by hiring legal outsourcing services you can use your valuable time to do the things that are most important to you, whether that be time in or outside of the office.


Feel free to contact me for a free introduction and consultation where we can discuss your business’s specific needs, and how I might best address them.

Co-Written by Gavin Baxter and Rebecca B. Tripp

Edited by Lucas Wynheart

All photos by Canva.

Originally posted January 11, 2022

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