Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Freelance Paralegal

  1. Reduced commitment

Hiring a freelancer verses an employee can save you a lot of money and stress in the long run. Don’t worry about paying out healthcare benefits, employment insurance or additional taxes. Stop stressing about the probationary period of a new employee or having to have that awkward conversation when it just isn’t working out. Hiring a Freelance Paralegal means you pay for the hours worked and that’s it. It’s as simple as that.

  1. Your time is money

Legal research, data entry, social media posts or sending follow-up emails can feel like a waste of time for some professionals. Keep your work hours as billable hours and let a Freelance Paralegal take care of other tasks that are non-billable or that you just can’t stand doing. 

  1. Reduced costs for your business

Hiring a permanent, full-time employee can be a costly line on your expense sheet. Hiring a freelancer means they are there when you need them, and only when you need them. 

A Freelance Paralegal can also help you with the details. Don’t miss another calendar entry, client meeting, change in legislation or limitation date because you had too many balls up in the air.

Silly avoidable errors can be costly and add up quickly. 

  1. Increased flexibility

We all want that work/life balance but sometimes working evening and weekends are needed in order to get the job done. A Freelance Paralegal can work while you don’t. 

Rest. Take a sick day. Take a vacation! Go camping with your kids and trust a Freelance Paralegal to keep your ship afloat. 

  1. Boost your productivity (and profits)

Quality work takes time to complete. Having a Freelance Paralegal on your team to complete timely tasks such as legal research or drafting means you can jump in on day two and hit the ground running.

You can also delegate the work that what has to be done to a Freelance Paralegal, while you work on what should be done such as networking, signing on more clients or finding new leads.

  1. Two minds are better than one

If you’re a sole proprietor, we both know there have been days where you wish you had another set of hands, eyes or even two of you!

Manage two meetings at once. Have an editor at your fingertips. Take on more clients. Be in two court rooms at the same time because you have hired a Freelance Paralegal.

  1. Management support

Running a business means that you are constantly having new responsibilities being added onto your plate. Hire a Freelance Paralegal to help manage your client communications, social media presences or marketing strategy.

Need a project manager but for only one specific project such as going paperless or the relaunch of your business? A Freelance Paralegal can be the project manager you can rely on to get it past the finish line, while you tend to business as usual. 

  1. Add diversity to your team

Adding a Freelance Paralegal to your team could mean fresh ideas, a different perspective or a boost of energy when you need one. Don’t get caught in a rut. Allow someone else to take charge of new initiatives, while (again) you tend to business as usual.

  1. Physical space savings

Leasing or owning commercial space can be costly. Hiring a Freelance Paralegal who can work remotely means your valuable office space will be available for other uses such as a private office, lunch room or boardroom. It could also mean that your office is solely yours; giving you the peace and quiet you need in order to focus. 

  1. Manage your unsteady workload

Most businesses have a peak period and a slow period. Let a Freelance Paralegal just support you during your busy season, and that’s it. Don’t worry about finding work to delegate, because you only pay a freelancer for the work that needs to be done.

Written By Rebecca B. Tripp

Originally Posted on August 28, 2020

Updated on October 13, 2020

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